Coaching Philosophy

My goal for your golf game is to get you around the course in the fewest amount of strokes. This will maximize your enjoyment of the game for a very long time. If this doesn’t match your goals, we will work together to build a custom game plan. The key is to find the fixes that will allow for the lowest score possible, as often as possible. Not every swing will look alike, because every golf swing has a unique DNA. Your ball flight can tell us where to start with our game improvement plan. 

What does coaching mean to me? – Coaching can mean so many things these days. Coaching is encouraging, paying attention to details, being tough when needed, believing in the student, setting up a game plan for success, being available when the student needs them, explaining the “why’s” as thoroughly as possible, and developing a love for the game. 

What are my expectations? – I expect that you will treat me, my equipment, and the facility with the respect it deserves. I would like for all of my students to come with an open mind and spirit for learning and exploring new possibilities. Learning is supposed to be difficult, so be ready to work hard in order to meet your goals. 

Are you new to golf? – If you are new to golf, I’m sure there are all sorts of questions that are circling in your brain! If you don’t have clubs, we have clubs you can borrow, please just communicate that to me before hand. Golf shoes are not required; comfortable sneakers or running shoes are just fine. There is a dress code for the practice facilities and the golf course, which includes: No denim or tee shirts. Men should wear golf shirts, and may wear shorts or slacks. Women should wear a golf shirt, and appropriate length shorts, skorts, or golf dresses. Sleeveless shirts must have a collar, and a collar-less shirt may be ok if it is sleeved.